We’re a group of 13 emerging visual artists who are considering how new ideas and realities are shaping our connection to the world around us and within us.

Our exhibition, It All Comes Down, includes work from each of us and covers a range of mediums. Some of us work in video, others go wild for installation, still more of us obsess over paper and printed objects. We range from artists with formal art school training to those who are completely self-taught. Brought together by the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group, the months of lockdown solidified our relationships with each other, and allowed us to keep collaborating even when the world stood still.

It All Comes Down is a celebration of the past year of workshops and discussions facilitated by the Barbican and Guildhall School as well as a way for us to look forward as a group of artists intent on creating something new.

This exhibition has been conceived as part of Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning’s Young Visual Arts Group, an annual free programme which commissions a group of young creatives, aged 16-25, to work collectively towards a public online exhibition or event, and develops their skills in curating, marketing, design and project planning. Members of the programme receive support from Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning staff, as well as professional artists and facilitators in developing their creative practice and ideas.

About Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning

In 2009, the Barbican and Guildhall School joined forces to launch Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning, a creative alliance pioneering new models for creative and cultural learning across the art forms. The mission, Creative Skills for Life, underpins all aspects of their work and approach in the design and delivery of meaningful and impactful learning experiences across three strategic pillars: Education, Employability and Enrichment.

Every year, they deliver more than 40 programmes and events alongside 150 partners to over 29,000 participants. In order to achieve this, they build partnerships with teachers, artists, young people, schools and community organisations locally, nationally and internationally.