Sam Ahern

Instagram: @samchownahern

In this collection of work, Sam explores autism-friendly spaces and the recent COVID-19 crisis through the mediums of illustration, photography and audio recordings. She navigates this by interviewing three participants (all of whom are autistic), photographing signs and pairing them up with illustrations. The outcome was a book with photographs of signs that have been (and still are) seen during COVID-19, combining them with a cartoon reaction. The first page of the book is two quotes that have been taken from a series of interviews, two of which will be presented alongside the book.

This is an ongoing project.

Content warning: this work contains references to harassment, eating disorders and death.


The interviews talk about three different topics in relation to autism-friendly spaces or ‘safe spaces’.

Georgia’ discusses going to conferences and how the environment can at times be very overloading.

Josefina’ discusses online spaces and how Animal Crossing can be both stressful and freeing at the same time.

Jack’ talks about the passing of his best friend and how this both affected his creativity and his relation to feeling safe within one’s internal space.

The Online Book of Anxiety and Continuous Floating